Simultaneously set LTTS defaults for multiple items

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Setting Location, Task, Time, Add to Summary (LTTS) defaults for each item is painfully slow having to do them One… At… A… Time. If shingles are cracked, loose, curling, leaking, excessive granular loss, exposed fasteners etc. for most inspectors they are all (L) Roof, (T) Repair or Replace, (T) Immediate & Add to Summary. Develop a BATCH process where these settings can all be applied to multiple items in ONE WINDOW for each subsection under CUSTOMIZE! Keep the standard Default link in each item’s window for future individual changes.

A BATCH option would speed the process (can only upload one pic so crudely shown below but EVERYTHING is done IN ONE WINDOW!!!!!!!!). Every NEW Horizon user would save a TON of time and those that finally discover this will as well.

To set defaults in a subsection with 23 items & 8 have same defaults:
8 items x 8 clicks = 64 clicks from Select to Save & Close

If method below is developed:
8 items have same defaults set in 15 clicks!

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