Differentiate photos taken in Horizon vs outside Horizon

Spectora photos are not stored in the camera Photos. This allows cya and quick photos to be taken while in the camera but separately building the mobile report through photos while in the app. When finalizing the report at home, this means I can scan through my phone photos and I will know that they aren’t already in the app. Right now, I find it cumbersome and somewhat confusing when, as often happens, I start an inspection the ‘right way’ by taking photos using the app, but invariably I become too distracted by the client or I get a sense that the client doesn’t appreciate me using my phone so much, that I abandon the app, and simply take pictures for later reporting. When this happens though, it is difficult to look at my phone pictures and know what I have already taken care of in the app. To be able to toggle between a photo for storage on the phone, and a photo to be included in the defect would be ideal, even if the photo is still stored in the phone but ID’d as used or not.

Under consideration Mobile/Tablet Photo Editing Suggested by: Steven Walker Upvoted: 01 May, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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