Change Mobile app to grouped dropped-down menus and alphabetic options

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Granted, I am a new inspector and so don’t often use the correct term when searching for a defect, and therefore it takes a few times to get it found when searching. Perhaps that will improve over time but for now it is frustrating and time consuming. Regardless, the display of items on a list in the Mobile app is repetitive, long and often confusing. First, it isn’t in alphabetic order, adding that option would be helpful. Second, it would be helpful if the item could be collapsed, with the type as a drop down. Then when the drop down is selected the list of defects etc are shown as they are now. Then third, being able to toggle the defects between alphabetic order and most used or frequently used order would be amazing. For example: Roofing Recommendations might simply show Optional, Slopped, Slopped flashings, Flat, Flat flashings. Each would have a drop down of Asphalt, Metal etc and under those, the defect list.

Under consideration Mobile/Tablet Suggested by: Steven Walker Upvoted: 08 Aug, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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