See photos on the mobile app and delete/ change their order

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I like to do all my editing on the mobile app back at my office, I can use talk to text and pull up photos from my gallery quickly that I maybe didn't get a chance to assign on-site. It's also a great way to familiarize yourself with the mobile app and get used to using it more and more on site. I only use the desktop version for preview and final edit. This has another benefit in that I don't have to upload any photos to the desktop. Often, when I am editing with the mobile app, I wish that I could see the photos and delete them or change their order. You probably couldn't do this for the private folder where you store a bunch of photos, but for the single items, it would be great.

Under consideration Mobile/Tablet Photo Editing Suggested by: Greg Hanberry Upvoted: 29 Oct, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1