Ability to create/customize/rearrange systems and categories in Horizon.

I would like to be able to make system entries room by room without opening and closing the system tabs. For example: I want to create a new tab, lets say "Mechanical Room", I want to enter information for the water heater, furnace, electrical panel, plumbing, flooring, interior finishes and any other system in that space without leaving the "Mechanical Room" tab in horizon mobile. The information gathered in that room would ideally populate the appropriate system sections automatically without me going in and out of multiple system tabs and searching between description and recommendation sections. I feel once I was able to custom load my tabs room by room I could dramatically increase the speed I gather information.

Could I pay to have this option made available to myself even if there was limited interest from others?

Under consideration Report Writing & Publishing Suggested by: Jason Walker Upvoted: 29 Oct, '22 Comments: 18

Comments: 18

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