Drag and drop photos into report editor

Because I like to have high quality photos of inspections for both future CYA and adding comments for things I may have snapped a photo of but didn't add to the report on-site, it would be great if it was easier to add photos to the report.

In my previous software, I would have all my photos open in a folder on one window and the report editor on the other and I could just drag photos onto comments. At the least, a "Drag and drop your photos here" should be available at the Add Photo or Illustration page. You should also be able to drag and drop a photo into the Photos: section of a comment window when it is open.

See THIS website's add image interface for an example.

Yes, I know I could use Spare Photos for this but Horizon severely reduces the quality of photos and the photo browsing interface is not ideal for scrolling through lots of photos and viewing them at different size.

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