Add feature to REPEAT PHOTOS, not upload duplicates

Example, if I need to point out more than one thing under a sink, say a leaking valve and next to it is an uncovered outlet with wires inside, I have to reload that photo for separate systems. A feature to 'Repeat this photo' within the online gallery will speed the process. Situation can also be applied to air handler closets, water heaters... anything with multiple issues.

Currently, I take extra pics to keep from having to go find and 'upload' the same pic over and over (made another suggestion about too many touches to take multiple pics, *please upvote that one as well*).

To offer a possibility of where this function could be conducted is on the photo editing screen. A button could be added to 'Repeat Photo in Gallery' and a copy is made in the gallery. We edit the 'leak' in the current window, and when we get to electrical we attach the pic to the 'uncovered outlet', etc. Waaaay less screen touches onsite and speeds report writing.

Under consideration Report Writing & Publishing Suggested by: DParmer Upvoted: 07 Jan Comments: 5

Comments: 5

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