Better integration for multiple inspectors in work order

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I often send more than 1 inspector to properties and am required to list them on the cover of my reports. At the moment I have to create a "new inspector" for each combination of inspectors that has all their names listed. Inspector A, Inspector B, Inspoedctor C so i have an account for just A, B, and C. Then I have accounts for combinations AB, AC, BC, and ABC. If I hire Inspector D then I need to add accounts D, AD, BD, CD, ABD, ACD, and ABCD.

I have 8 inspectors Math tells me there are 40320 possible combinations. Now I obviously don't need more than 6 inspectors at a given property that reduces it to about 20,160 combinations.

I'm adding them as I need them but it is getting a bit ridiculous. This image only shows a small portion of the inspector combinations.

Under consideration Suggested by: Charles Axelrad Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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