Format text in report, including cover page, summary and sections (Observations, Descriptions, Info)

Allow us to make things easier to read in the report by customizing colors, bold, italic, and underline.

Example: As Alan always says, Recommendations and Observations are the heart of the report. I want to make that sections heading have an orange background so it’s quickly identifiable while scrolling the report. If you’re in one system reading the recs and want to go to the next, you can quickly scroll past the info and limitations sections until you see the next orange heading.

Every other software I’ve used handles this by assigning colors to each comment/narrative but that is honestly pretty messy looking. The simple formatting tweak I’m suggesting keeps it clean and sticks to the organization format I like about Horizon but just adds clarity.

In my cover letter, I like to bold, color, italicize things for emphasis because most people don’t read it closely.

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